Myanmar International Development Co., Ltd. originally established as Nan Taw Car Rental Service in 2009. It started operations by car rental service, simultaneously followed by the Heavy equipment management service, Local employment management, Construction engineering, Real estate development, Logistics management service and Customs declaration and clearance service.Since its establishment, the company has proven itself not only as the leading service provider, but as a specialist service contractor for a broad range of services, specifically tailored to meet the requirements of international companies and their main contractors operating in Myanmar.

Company Culture & Philosophy :  MID’s corporate culture is featured by its “Evergreen Principle”, which incorporate the company culture essences of mission, vision, values and etc. It not only defines our goals, but also inspires and guides our behaviors to leverage our intelligence and competence to create a brilliant and everlasting future of MID Services.

Mission :  Accelerate Myanmar.

Vision : Become a preferred services solution provider tailored for customer.

Philosophy : Human-oriented, win-win strategy for both employees and corporate Healthy competition and optimal management system.

Values : Empower your Success – Dedicated to the total satisfaction of target customers.

Excellence of Operation : All efforts go in vain without optimal operation.

Innovation : The strong reach a new horizon to leave the weak behind.

Discerning Vision : Time will tell you a true definition of success.

Passion & Energy : Survival of the fittest.

Slogans : Our Four Concepts, Diligence, Solidarity, Efficiency, Innovation.

Operating Philosophy : Show respect for customers and deliver customers success. Strive for the leadership beyond excellence.